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Lone Survivor: How an Afghan and a Navy SEAL became "brothers"
The story goes back to June 2005, when Luttrell and three of his fellow SEALs were dropped by chopper into the mountains of Afghanistan on a mission to locate a militia leader aligned with the Taliban. According to Luttrell’s account of what happened, the mission went horribly awry when the SEAL team was discovered– not by fighters but by a group of goat herders.After some debate, the SEALs decided to let the unarmed goat herders go, a decision that Luttrell believes compromised their mission and likely led to the deaths of 19 Americans. Only an hour after releasing the goat herders, Luttrell says that he and his teammates found themselves badly outnumbered in a long and vicious firefight.

9/11 : The Falling Man
The Falling Man is a photograph taken by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew of a man falling from the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:41:15 a.m. during the September 11 attacks in New York City. The subject of the image, whose identity remains uncertain, was one of the people trapped on the upper floors of the skyscraper who either fell searching for safety or jumped to escape the fire and smoke. At least 200 people are believed to have fallen or jumped to their deaths that day while other estimates say the number is half of that or less. Officials could not recover or identify the bodies of those forced out of the buildings prior to the collapse of the towers. All deaths in the attacks except those of the hijackers were ruled to be homicides due to blunt trauma (as opposed to suicides).

America Before Columbus
History books traditionally depict the pre-Columbus Americas as a pristine wilderness where small native villages lived in harmony with nature. But scientific evidence tells a very different story: When Columbus stepped ashore in 1492, millions of people were already living there. America wasn't exactly a New World, but a very old one whose inhabitants had built a vast infrastructure of cities, orchards, canals and causeways.The English brought honeybees to the Americas for honey, but the bees pollinated orchards along the East Coast. Thanks to the feral honeybees, many of the plants the Europeans brought, like apples and peaches, proliferated. Some 12,000 years ago, North American mammoths, ancient horses, and other large mammals vanished. The first horses in America since the Pleistocene era arrived with Columbus in 1493.

This Month's Top Videos



Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror is a 2003 Carlton Television documentary written and directed by John Pilger, produced by Christopher Martin and co-directed by Steve Connelly.



FRONTLINE investigates American-born terrorist David Coleman Headley, who helped plan the deadly 2008 siege on Mumbai. In collaboration with ProPublica, the film — an updated and expanded version of A Perfect Terrorist



The film follows three cases of Americans caught in the act of gross child exploitation, and shows how - in the Obama era - American agents are working supportively with their Asian counterparts to deal with crime.


THE WHITE WIDOW ( Samantha Lewthwaite)

Samantha Lewthwaite is the infamous 'White Widow' - a British daughter of suburban Buckinghamshire, but Samantha is also Sherafiyah, the widow of Germaine Lindsay, the man who killed 26 people on 7/7. Not long after the attacks, she has been linked to terror attacks in Nairobi - this documentary tracks down Britain's most feared female terrorist.



Penetrating the secret ISIS circles in Britain, this undercover investigation exposes the secret circles of British women who support ISIS.



Jason Bermas' powerful documentary INVISIBLE EMPIRE exposes SOME, BUT NOT ALL of the people & groups behind the New World Order in their own words, showing in great detail of those which it does expose, how the leaders of the world have not only conspired to help create a dictatorial global government in private, but have openly stated their agenda hundreds of times in public.