Mom Gives Her Stillborn One Last Hug. Even Doctors Are In Disbelief When THIS Happens Thai commercials certainly have a track record of being both incredibly touching and devastating. They really capture the intimacy of painful moments in the personal lives of strangers in a way that Western media has yet to perfect. A.K.A I cried so hard watching this one minute clip. This TVC is based on true story of a mother who gave birth to a twin. One of whom had stopped breathing & pronounced dead. Mother: Are you sleeping? Wake up, wake up my little one. In the moment of despair, she turned to the little one &gently embraced her without losing hope to get her back. 2 hours elapsed,the baby started moving and miraculously returned to life. This miracle wasn’t an accident but it came from the warmth of mother’s body to stimulate the little heart. Announcer: “Maternal instinct is natural miracle” Babi Mild. ”